e x p a n d . f m --- getyourselftogether

Expand.fm is a audio/video station which brings you alternative sound and vision from fresh and creativeminds globally.

We do not only want you to listen to us, but we want you to get involved - Expand actively looks for new ways to use Internet as a tool for collaborative efforts in newmedia arts and culture.

By networking creative people together from variousfields of music, sound, multimedia and video art, we aim at creating new opportunities and experiences for artists and audiences alike.

We use Internet streaming technologies to connect physical event places in digital domain to create a space for collaboration and participation. Cyberspace is not just an extension of real world but a conduit of social activity and a meeting space.

Physically Expand.fm originates from Helsinki, Finland.It started as a project of a student group in the MediaLab of the University of Art and Design.