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Calling for the Others -projekti kutsuu mukaan 27.8. klo 11:30 – 14 Vartiosaareen, Helsinkiin kokeilemaan erilaisia kokonaisvaltaisia ja erityisesti äänellisiä tapoja olla yhteydessä ympäristöömme ja muunlajisiin. Opettelemme mm. suomalaisia karjankutsuja muusikko Veera Voiman opastuksella. Työpajasessio nauhoitetaan osallistujien suostumuksella ja materiaalista koostetaan ääniteos, joka on esillä Arts in the Environment Nordic Symposiumissa Vartiosaaressa lokakuun alkuun saakka. Aiempaa kokemusta laulamisesta tai mistään muustakaan ei tarvitse olla.

Työpajasession kielenä on englanti, mutta tarvittaessa käännämme osia myös suomeksi.
Katso teaservideo: https://vimeo.com/223631530
Kuuntele Agrikultura Triennalessa tehty ääniteos:
Lue lisää (englanniksi):
Calling for the Others -projektia vetävät taiteilijat Mari Keski-Korsu ja Grit Ruhland. Sitä tukee Taiteen Edistämiskeskus. Calling for the Others on osa Arts in the Environment Nordic Symposiumin näyttelyä (3.9.­-8.10.) ja Artist Campia (25.8.-3.9.) Vartiosaaressa.
Katso lisätietoja symposiumista osoitteessa: http://www.nordicenviroart.org
Join the environmental-sound-project ‘Calling for the Others’ to learn ways to connect with our bodies, minds and voice to the surrounding environment as well as other species in Vartiosaari, Helsinki. As part of the session, musician Veera Voima will guide us to the secrets of traditional Finnish cattle calling. Parts of the session will be recorded and composed into a sound art work that can be heard in Arts in the Environment Nordic Symposium exhibition in Vartiosaari until beginning of October. No previous experience on singing or anything else is required.
The language of the session is English.
Please see a teaser video at https://vimeo.com/223631530
Hear the sound art work made in Agrikultura Triennal at
Time, place and arriving
27.8. 2017 at 11.30 – 14
We start the workshop from Vartiosaari pier at 11:30 and move around the island during the session. To arrive to Vartiosaari, take the ferry boat from Laajasalo side at 10:40. The travel time is 5 min and it costs 2,50€. If you wish, you can take the same boat already from Hakaniemi at 10:00 and make a little archipelago cruise. If you miss the boat, there are also rowing boats going across the strait from Laajasalo side to Vartiosaari. The rowing boats seat 2-4 persons at the time. We’ll take rowing boats also back to mainland after the session.
More info about the boat route&schedule:
Unfortunately, the event doesn’t have easy accessinbility due to boat transport and terrain in the island.

What to take with you
Open-mindedness, casual clothing that are easy to move with and shoes suitable for walking – according to weather conditions. Please note that there are ticks in the island.
Many of the exercises are suitable for children even though may require some concentration.
and more info
The workshop is free of charge.
Still, please sign in to email mkk (at) katastro.fi to take part. Inform if you need to cancel your participation or need more information in the same address.
Calling for the Others is a project by artists Mari Keski-Korsu and Grit Ruhland. It’s supported by Arts Council of Finland. In the Arts in the Environments Nordic Symposium, it’s part of the exhibition (3.9.­-8.10) and Artis Camp (25.8.-3.9.) in Vartiosaari.
More information about the symposium at:


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