Leave Facebook day at Radio Aporee
Leave Facebook event in Radio Aporee, 2008.Leave Facebook event in Radio Aporee, 2008.
Leave Facebook event in Radio Aporee, 2008.

Facebook “a friend network” had been around for a while in year 2008. I also spent my time there. I realised how disturbing FB really was when I read Tom Hodkingson’s article about it in Guardian: business angels and hazy privacy policies. I was surprised how lavishly me and millions of others were giving away personal information.

I decided to leave FB and organise official Leave Facebook day. People started to take part and nice discussions raised. Like myself, people were worried about privacy and advertising. FB is of course advertisers’ heaven but on the other hand, to what else this information can be used in the future? When I left FB, there was 24 confirmed guests in the event, over 50 maybes and about 150 declined. I can’t be sure how many really left, though. We had a nice Leave Facebook event in Radio Aporee, Berlin. Nowadays, I’m havig hard times, because so many events are annouced in FB and nowhere else. I’m a social outcast. Maybe I’m forced to turn my coat around.


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