Thank you so much to all the people participating in Expand happening!!!! See you all again!
You can find some photos by Alexander Budde at
And stream documentation from Rovaniemi here.


Expand is an event that brings together different kinds of creative people from different fields all over the world. It gives everyone the possibility to participate in an open-platform happening for experiments and new experiences. The program consists of different styles of music, sound and video art. The basic program of the happening will be pre-formatted but it will remain flexible and open to changes.

Different spaces from Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden and two cities in Finland are connected to each other via Internet. This will enable the artists to cooperate regardless of location and they may, for example, perform "together" at the same time in different locations. The happenign is streamed to the Internet. Meteori Cafe in Helsinki, Finland is a collection point of all the streams that come from other locations and are then streamed back to the net.

The Internet connection will include video and audio in the form of local Real Audio/Video broadcasting encoders. There will also be an open IRC channel for those who cannot physically be in the club to participate and a webcam for remote observation of the venues.

The club in Helsinki presents a new musical experiment. Everybody are welcome to join to this project with their city sounds. Tram'n'Bus official site at

And when is this

25. of May, 2001


19 - 01 (GMT+2) Finland
Location: Meteori Cafe, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, free entrance

18 - 24 (GMT+1) Sweden
19 - 01 (GMT+2) Germany
13 - 18 (GMT-4) USA (Maryland)
10 - 15 (GMT-7) Canada (Vancouver)

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