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Aim of Cafe Nowhere was to create cinematic style, interactive program for digital television that promotes viewer participation through real-time viewer interaction using an engaging linear soap opera narrative. I worked as a concept designer and scriptwriter of Cafe Nowhere. It was a student project in Media Lab at University of Arts and Design Helsinki in 2003.
The game-like interaction provided the viewers various ways of playing with narrative. The interaction supports the story and emphasizes the primitive feelings of the characters.

Tram’N’Bus is about recording sounds of public transportation and making music out of it. The collection point of these sounds and music is situated in the Internet. Public transportation system is the bloodstream of the city. When people flow smoothly from place to another, the city feels healthy and active. Each city’s bloodstream has its own genuine mix of tram models and buses, and in their opening doors can be heard the personal voice of the city. I was an initiator and concept designer of Tram’N’Bus. Later, an UNESCO funded Media Lab project wanted to replicate the TNB-website. The content of new site was based on sounds of water.

Onnellinen (Happy) is a hypertext writing and reading area. It is community based narrative where everybody can add their own paths of text. The sceleton for the story was written by me. Onnellinen was my graduation work from Polytech of Western Lapland. PHP-code was written by Joona Järvelä.

Opposite is one of the first experiments I have done with hypertext and participatory net art. It is a collection of thoughts and opinions about opposite sex. It questions stereotypes of what it means to be a man or a woman. The space is divided to three parts: in general, sex and outlook. People were able to input texts under these themes. I also created photographs that were mixing the gender signs.



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