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From 18th of February until 3rd of March, three international (Satu Herrala, Mari Keski-Korsu, Juli Reinartz) and one local artist (Eva Isleifsdottir) work with local people in and around the capital area of Reykjavik to expose and activate spaces and meeting points between art and politics through Live Art choreographies, aesthetic apparatuses and dramaturgies. The artists are a part of a residency programme established in cooperation between The Festival (IS) and ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (FI). The main sharing of the works in Reykjavik will take place between 28th February – 3rd March 2013.
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Event: Albedo Dreams
Artist: Mari Keski-Korsu
Where: In the Centre of the City of Reykjavik
When: Thursday to Sunday: whitening action of the rock bed by the sea,  Friday at 12 – 17: whitening action of the parking lot in Amtmannsstigur, Sunday at 13: Albedo Dreams Kite fly at Nordic House.

During the weekend, the people of Reykjavik can expect to see white kites in the air, stones and cars covered with white cloths and other Albedo Dreams interventions. Mari is doing DIY climate engineering with albedo. This refers to large-scale, technical interventions on Earth’s climate system in order to prevent climate-change. But Mari intends to do this in small-scale together with local people. Maybe when small actions are put together, they can be big. She works with concept of albedo. Albedo is a unit to describe any surface’s ability to reflect solar energy. If more surfaces are turned lighter or whiter even, they can reflect more solar energy back to space, cool the climate and this way prevent climate change. Mari has teamed up with a local kite-enthusiast Sævar Lindal to test the cooling capacity of white kites. They organised a kite building and flying workshop together with participants from Reykjavik. The kites will be flying again the coming week-end. Working with scientist in Finland, Mari estimates how much her aesthetic-albedo-interventions contribute to the cooling process.
Mari Keski-Korsu (mkk) is an interdisciplinary artist. She explores how ecological and socio-economical changes manifest in people’s everyday life. Her works often have a political nature with a humorous twist.


Event: Sauna Lectures Reykjavik – Bathing in Political Fiction
Curator: Satu Herrala in collaboration with Alexander Roberts and Asgerður Gunnarsdottir
Where: Laugardalslaug
When: Thursday 19:30 – 21:30 (No Borders Iceland), Friday 19:30 – 21:30 (Andie Nordgren), Saturday 12:00 – 14:00 (Haraldur Jonsson)

Originally from Finland, Satu was inspired to develop Sauna Lectures in response to the Finnish tradition of engaging in politics with friends and strangers whilst in the public saunas. Sauna Lectures seeks to build and expand upon this tradition by inviting local people to give lectures to the sauna goers, which can in turn lead to more fluid dialogues between everybody present. For the Reykjavik edition of Sauna Lectures, the sauna will be substituted for the hot salty tub of Laugardalslaug.
Each lecture will shed a unique and personal light on the potential relationships that fiction can forge between reality and what is visible, between the individual and the collective. From the cluster of bodies sitting together in the hot salty water a speaker will emerge opening up a space for a dialogue where politics and the personal are brought to the surface. Please note that admission to the pool has to be paid to be able to enjoy the lectures, 550 ISK.

In Icelandic folklore there is a belief in an existence of creatures that live hidden from visibility of humans. As a paradox the institutions that control the storytelling today, like the media or education create myths about people not given the space to tell their own story. During this Sauna Lecture, there will be an introduction to the folklore of the hidden people. Then we will hear a story from Navid who is seeking asylum in Iceland, who has been a refugee all his life. This lecture is curated in collaboration
with Jason Slade from No Borders Iceland. The lecture will be in English.

Andie Nordgren will give a talk on the real-life consequences of virtual and fictional realities. When the user becomes aware of his/her agency things can get political. Andie Nordgren is the Senior Producer for sci-fi multiplayer virtual world EVE Online. Her other projects include the geek girl revolution at Geek Girl Meetup, relationship anarchy at Dr Andie and accessible talks about larp projects at Nordic Larp Talks.

Haraldur Jonsson will initiate the event Sjavarmal. The bathers of the moment will play an important role in this discursive and open gathering. Haraldur Jonsson is a visual artist from Reykjavik. His works focus on the body, the various facets of perception and the gaps between the senses. Lecture will be in Icelandic and in English.


Event: Afrofuturism (work in process)
Artist: Juli Reinartz
Where: Dansverkstæðið, Skulagata 28
When: Saturday 15:30 – 16:30

Juli Reinartz’s project, ‘Afrofuturism’ is a research into the socio-political capacities of sound. On saturday, she will share her approach to the question of how to become part of Afrofuturism, a musical genre prominently represented by Sun Ra. She is thinking her participation in Afrofuturism in form of a practice for a future concert. This practice for a future concert is presented as a recent research result.
Juli Reinartz is originally from Germany but works in Sweden as a choreographer and performer.


Event: Cry Havoc
Artist: Eva Isleifsdottir
Where: To be announced
When: Saturday 17:00 – 22:00

Eva Isleifsdottir’s project ‘Cry Havoc’, will set in motion a public process of electing one local building to be burnt to the ground using electronic fire sculptures. On Friday at 17:00 this building will be ‘set on fire’ with a fire installation.
Eva is a visual artist and curator based in Iceland, whose work often portrays personal visions of society – questioning the norms and conventions of everyday life. Project website http://cryhavocproject.tumblr.com/


The project is supported by Evropa Unga Folksins and Norden Nordic Culture Fund.


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