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Performance, Steller’s representative presents the Biodiversity Kit, 2010
Biodiversity Kit (cloning machine and DNA bank), 2010.

Biodiversity Kit is a DNA-sample bank of extinct flora and fauna as well a cloning machine for these samples. The Kit is developed by Stellers Ltd operating in 19th century. Mari Keski-Korsu is the main representative of the company and it made its first appearance in Palfucon confrence – Paleofuturistic trade show in Helsinki, 2010.

Name of the company comes from Steller’s Sea Cow. Steller’s Sea Cow is is extincted, but luckily can be restored by Biodiversity Kit. Steller’s Sea Cow was living in North Pacific and was a close relative to manatees and dugongs. The biggest population of Steller’s Sea Cows were living in Commander Islands in 1741 when it was found by Georg Wilhelm Steller. It took only 27 years until the Steller’s Sea Cows were hunted to extinction, because they were so easy to catch.


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