Sylvan Invitation, 2019. Photo: Katrine Skovsgaard

A fish crawls from the fjord on the ground. Human story starts to intertwine with the trees. Our (hydro)bodies together through water, we listen to all memories in it. Water is the greatest story base of all. What kind of trees could have been the Limfjorden underwater ones? How do we invite trees back? Who wants grow here? Now, only the wind travels on the surfaces, asking for the leaves to return. 

Sylvan Invitation attempts to welcome different kinds of trees and possibly (permaculture) forest on lands where forests are missing. Sylvan invitation first premiered in Nørrekærbiennalen 2019 – Change of Anchoring that took place at Nørrekær Enge near Limfjord in North Jutland of Denmark. Nørrekær Enge is an area of intensive agriculture and monoculture of plants where forests are non-existent.

During Sylvan Invitation, the participants dip their feet into the fjord and into the stories of it – water as the starting point of all life, explore the trees through mediation and try out how it would feel to move like a root or a leaf of different tree species. The performance ends to a field where the imaginary forest was created with human bodies.

Thank you Kirsten Dufour, Finn Thybo Andersen and the whole beautiful and fantastic Nørrekærbiennalen team! Sylvan Invitation was funded also by Nordic Culture Point.


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