Plants in sauna

Biota of Care is a process based exhibition and a project where a sauna tent was made into a laboratory of healing with local plants in Hanstholm Art Space, Denmark. Biota of Care looked into the North Atlantic landscape encountering the plants and their waterbodies in the steam of sauna. The project asks what kind of new, performative rituals there could be for different species co-existence and interdependence. The exhibition following the process included experimental documentations of it such as tincture of the landscape and chromatography technique sweat prints made of human sweat and plant chlorophyll. The plant guided performative rituals were experimented in collaboration with Philip Hahn-Petersen.

My gratitude goes to Signe Højmark, the curator of Hanstholm Art Space who also produced the project. Thank you Philip Hahn-Petersen and fantastic Hanstholm Light House community.
Thank you to Wild Oregano – Almindelig Merian (grows only in this area), Sea Buckthorn, Yarrow, Heather, Eyebright, Thume and Black Berry. And of course the trees the Birch, Hazel, Oak (together with Mint) and Aspen.

The tent sauna stays in Hanstholm and is mainly used by the local winter swimmers.

Hanstholm Art Space website


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