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Project website: www.elephantpaths.net

Also available short films:
Trilogy of a Moment I, 2003
Trilogy of a Moment II, 2005

Elephant Paths is a project that explores a geographical and social space with mapping foot paths. I started the project in 2003-04. Elephant Paths reveals a point of view to a space, telling a short story of a moment via video triptychs and people’s descriptions of pathways’ functions. It links paths together with social relations. Altogether it creates a spatial map that can be experienced on location (also spotted with GPS –devices) and the Internet (the website).

Elephant Paths goal is to reveal cultural similarities and differences. There is a common humanity everywhere that can be connected to paths’ functions. Naturally the habits, the believes, the religions etc. change. My aim is not to find a monotonous image of the world, but to find humanity that we could all relate to.

I organised the first Location Based Storytelling workshop in the context of Elephant Paths in Bitola, Macedonia 2005. The second workshop was called TAG your place, also in Bitola in 2006. These workshops where created together with art and youth organisations in the area and were aimed for youngsters coming from all the Balkan countries. With tools like video, photography and installations we were learning to see a location from different points of views, share ideas, opinions and experiences – namely to be a part of the community. The workshops are documented on Elephant Paths website. See also the video documentation of the first workshop.


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