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Project website, 7 days stay in Mega, 2008: http://www.mysteriousmega.net

Mega art works:
Mega, stop motion animation, loop, 2008. (note, preview quality very low for this video – original HD)
Museum of Mega, installation, clay house and growing grass, 2008.
Commercial Remarks – Other Megas, photo serie, 6 pieces, 2008.
Mysterious Mega, documentation video about Mega, 2007.

Mega is situated close to Ahrensfelde in Germany. I noticed it on Falk Berlin -map from year 2003 but it has disappeared from later editions. I asked the Falk map makers what Mega means, but they said it is a mistake on the map – there‚Äôs nothing but field in the location. The map maker told me that it is “a commercial remark placed wrongly on the map.”.

I think Mega is a loophole. It is a non-place that questions land owning and borders – as well as the whole global economical and political systems related to them. I built the first building of Mega, a clay house and made a stop motion animation of it. Later, I had to remove the house from the field and I made a museum out of it, Museum of Mega.


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