New artsufartsu site!

On February 6, 2013

It is somewhat amazing that has stayed graphically and technically unchanged since 2004. What a fossil! It’s about to have a change and a brand new site. I hope it works as well as the old one.

For the historical reasons, I still archived the old site as it contains a lot of notes over the years. I didn’t have time or patience to move them to the new site but you’re welcome still to view the olden goldie here.

It contains some old stuff like Muskrat’s Diary for example… or Don’t break

2 Responses to “New artsufartsu site!”

  • meh.. I was content with the fossile. Dont get me wrong this change is cool. NOW I can even read about the works but – The green site had retro vintage appeal.

    • Thanks! I was into the fossil, too. I’m a little surprised because you’re not the first one who said they liked the non-shiny, fur-hat Internets 🙂

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